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Isabella Wimmer


My studies to become a foreign language correspondent were only the first step in my linguistic career; it was followed by further studies in Munich to become a state-certified translator and interpreter as well as a period studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.

During my years of academic study, I was able to acquire fundamental knowledge in the fields of engineering and medicine in addition to developing my linguistic skills. Even as a student, I had the opportunity to apply and further expand these competencies by working at a translation agency in Munich.

As a translator and interpreter, I conduct myself with professionalism, honesty and attentiveness – in addition to timely delivery, these are the pillars on which I base my freelance work.

  • State-certified translator & interpreter
  • MSc in Translation & Interpreting
  • Practical experience
  • Bespoke, tailored services

Specialist Areas



Research papers, patient brochures, manuals for medical products and journal articles all have one thing in common: even the slightest mistake can have serious consequences.

To avoid such issues, I treat your texts not only with the utmost diligence, but also with the required degree of attention and a trained eye for details. As a result, you can be sure that your content is in the best hands.


You can only address your colleagues and clients directly
when all linguistic obstacles have been removed.

Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting


What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

In translation, the translator transfers a written source text into a target text in the desired language. Interpreting, on the other hand, is an activity that deals exclusively with spoken language.

Will my data and documents be handled confidentially?

Your personal information, data, content and documents will, of course, be handled confidentially; they will not be passed on to third parties, reproduced or published in any way, shape or form.

I would like to work with you – what now?

Even if you don’t want to enquire about a specific project just yet, I would still be happy to hear from you. You can always get in touch via email or telephone. If you decide to place an order with me, we will first discuss all administrative aspects (deadlines, points of contact, prices, file format and so on). If all questions can be answered via phone or email, I will then start work on the project. If the topic at hand is very complex and therefore requires in-depth familiarisation, I am happy to visit you at your facilities. Overall, it’s fair to say that each project comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges, which is why I will always discuss your needs with you thoroughly before starting the work itself.